Free Flowing

Quarantine has brought on a vast wave of emotions. With highs and lows throughout the six months inside, it can be challenging to create with a clear mind. This project is intended to create room for ultimate release of all things tangible. By allowing them to flow freely, a little weight is lifted off. What is left is a piece that is centered around the energy put into it, allowing the creator, and viewer, to work through these profound emotions.

Seen below are two Chance Operation Acrylic Pour paintings. Each painting was designed by outer forces that delved inside themselves to look for frequencies that matched their current state of being. These beings let their inner voice choose the colors and the wave pattern. The results are a beautifully, raw, organic composition.

There was no deeper thought added to it. Flowing with the medium is similar to moving along with the emotions and letting them go. Decompress and flow freely.

Acrylic Pour 1 : Orange, Yellow, Pink, Green, Silver, Spiral

Acrylic Pour 2: Purple, Blue, Black, Magenta, White, Free From from Middle

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